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Boston College Technology & Entrepreneurship Council Event: "Blockchain, Bitcoin, and Beyond"

May 23, 2018

Intellectual Property blockchain expert, Giovanna Fessenden, Of Counsel at Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds, participated in the Boston College Technology & Entrepreneurship Council panel discussion "Blockchain, Bitcoin, and Beyond" on May 23rd.

The BCTEC hosted a networking session and a panel discussion on one of the most disruptive and misunderstood technologies that will change our future.  Bitcoin, the most famous of the myriad of cryptocurrencies floating around the Internet, is powered by an underlying technological principle called blockchain.  Many experts believe that cryptocurrencies and blockchain will fundamentally change the future of our economy.

The other members of the panel are:
Jeremy Allaire, CEO, Circle
Dave Balter, Partner, Flipside Crypto
Chet Manikantan, Founder, Tengu

Galen Moore, Co-founder, Token Report

Visit Boston College's website for more information on this event.