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WEBCAST RECORDING: Is Your Software Patent-Eligible?

June 8, 2017

Is your Software Patent-Eligible?


Presenter Benjamin Sparrow unpacked the Alice decision, recent related cases and USPTO guidelines, and the best strategies to protect software and business methods.

Since the Alice v. CLS Bank decision in June 2014, the standards for patent eligible subject matter for business method and software inventions have changed, with a slew of recent Federal Circuit decisions and amended guidelines on patentability from the USPTO. The USPTO will continue to vigorously apply Alice and reject certain software applications if they are directed to an abstract idea and other criteria relevant to patentability.  Applicants need to implement new strategies, in both the application drafting and prosecution stages, to avoid or overcome these rejections. 

Gain insight into:

  • Insights from several recent Federal Circuit decisions. 
  • USPTO Guidance on 35 U.S.C. §101.
  • Strategies for successful application drafting and prosecution.
  • Workshop with example claims and discussion of amendments to advance prosecution.