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MDG Forum: Bionics and Exoskeletons - Advances in Technology and Current Unmet Needs for Prosthetics

January 16, 2019

Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds was an event sponsor of the Medical Development Group (MDG) Forum "Bionics and Exoskeletons - Advances in Technology and Current Unmet Needs for Prosthetics” at Regis College Fine Arts Center on January 16, 2019.  Panelists discussed the latest developments in rehabilitation robotics, offered industry insight into what it takes to innovate in the advanced prosthetics space, and shared some cutting-edge research in this area.

Principal Alexander Adam, Ph.D. from Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds moderated this event. 

The other members of the panel were:

  • Christopher Nycz Research Scientist, Worcester Polytechnical Institute
  • Paul Gudonis, MBA CEO, Myomo
  • Jesse Wheeler, PhD Neurotechnology Business Lead, Draper Laboratory
  • Shriya Srinivasan Doctoral Researcher, MIT Biomechatronics Lab
  • Christopher Morse, MSME Director of Research and Development, Ottobock
  • Tami Luchow, Founder,

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The Medical Development Group Boston (MDG Boston) is a community of individuals professionally committed to the Medical Device and other Medical Technology Industry segments united by the belief that innovation and advances in technology lead to substantial improvements in health care.