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New England Venture Capital Association: VC Briefing: Blockchain: 2020 - Giovanna Fessenden Presenting

September 24, 2019
4:00 - 6:30 PM

CBRE @ 99 High St., Boston

Giovanna Fessenden, Counsel at Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds, was invited to present at the New England Venture Capital Association’s monthly, invitation-only VC Briefing on Blockchain: 2020. She provided legal insights to the group about the current blockchain innovation environment. Giovanna discussed the future of blockchain technologies, including innovations in gaming, esports, luxury goods, collectibles, swag, identity attestation, and health care.

VC Briefings are a cornerstone of the NEVCA’s mission to facilitate the connections and relationships critical to a vibrant ecosystem.  Invitation-only briefings offer in-depth, interactive discussions between investors, operators, and academics on topics at the cutting-edge of the venture landscape.  This month, they are gathering investors, experts, and operators from across the blockchain ecosystem for an evening of insights and discussion – and perhaps debate – on the 2020 outlook for blockchain-enabled business.