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EVENT RECORDING: Once Upon a Time in…Medical Device and Open Source Land

October 14, 2020

Click here to listen to the full webinar recording.

Once upon a time, your company began using open source software to increase efficiencies in developing technologies for use in medical devices. Somewhere in this story, an important storyline was overlooked – what is your company’s open source policy? Is everyone on the same page?  Or has your fairytale development turned into an open source mystery?

Learn effective and practical strategies to reap the benefits of open source software for medical devices. Explore medical device licensing strategies that companies are using to protect the value of their innovations. Discover how patents are used in innovative ways to complement open source software. 

Hear from a medical device innovator (Navin Dewagan), an open source software expert (Matt Jacobs), an open source software attorney (Giovanna Fessenden), and a medical device patent attorney (Alexander Adam) about the following:

  • How an effective open source strategy can protect your innovation.
  • How to maximize the value of your patents and software innovations using open source licensing.
  • How to avoid granting implied patent licenses while licensing your software as open source.
  • How a disciplined approach to using open source software that includes risk management can help with regulatory compliance.


Navin Dewagan, CIO and VP of Engineering, NanoDiagnostics Inc.

Navin is an experienced Digital Health executive with over 20 years of experience in leading software-focused product development for large and small healthcare companies. He is currently the President of Digital Health Solutions, a company that provides software development and validation services for Healthcare organizations. Navin is also CIO and VP of Engineering at NanoDx Inc., which is a privately held medical device company developing novel and rapid point-of-care technologies for the objective diagnosis and management of concussion and other traumatic brain injury. The company’s lead product, the NanoDx™ blood test, delivers biologically based results shown to confirm a concussion accurately in less than 90 seconds. The NanoDx™ System for COVID-19 addresses existing diagnostic challenges by providing a rapid assessment from a finger stick of blood or saliva sample in a 2-minute test – all in a simple, low-cost system that includes a portable handheld, analyzer, disposable cartridges, and secure software for seamless systems integration.

Matthew H. Jacobs J.D., Director, Legal Counsel at Synopsys, Inc.

Matthew Jacobs was Vice President and General Counsel at Black Duck
Software, Inc., recently acquired by Synopsys, Inc. He is now a director with the legal group at Synopsys. Organizations worldwide use Synopsys’s industry-leading products to secure and manage open source software, eliminating the pain related to security vulnerabilities, compliance, and operational risk. Matt’s work at Synopsys includes managing licensing and contract negotiation and advising senior management on day-to-day legal affairs. In addition to being a frequent speaker on open source–related topics, Matt routinely advises Synopsys’s customers with respect to leading-edge open source adoption, use, and compliance matters.

Prior to joining Black Duck in 2009, Matt was with Bernstein Shur, where he counseled companies on a variety of intellectual property matters, including open source compliance. Before that, he held in-house positions with Cabletron Systems and Standex International.

Giovanna H. Fessenden, Counsel, Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds

Giovanna’s practice focuses in all areas of intellectual property law with an emphasis on open source software compliance, software related agreements, and patents relating to the following: blockchain technology, search engines/ad serving systems, video compression/codecs, trusted computing and encryption, cryptocurrency wallets, digital currency, analytics systems, router firmware, OVS technologies, video on demand (VOD) systems, VoIP and video conferencing systems, social media software, database and storage systems, recommendation systems, integrated development environments (IDEs), compilers and interpreters, iPhone™, Android™, and tablet applications, CT imaging technologies, wearable computing technologies, and semiconductor manufacturing systems. Giovanna also advises clients on open source software compliance, open source patent issues, and developing and implementing corporate policies on the use of open source software. 

Alexander Adam, Principal, Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds

Alexander is a highly experienced scientist turned patent attorney, who specializes in drafting and prosecuting patent applications in the fields of medical devices, biotechnology, life sciences, computer systems, electronics, imaging software, control systems, mechanical devices, telecommunications, and clean energy. He advises clients on U.S. and international patent strategy. Alex also has experience in trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings, patent litigation, due diligence, and invalidity and non-infringement opinions.