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WEBCAST RECORDING: Strategies for Commercial Software Developers Using Open Source Code in Proprietary Software

October 4, 2016

Is Your Software Protected Against the Threat of GPL Violations and Copyright Trolls?

Commercial software developers are often drawn to open source code to help deliver a low cost and flexible product that can quickly be brought to market.  While there are benefits, there are also risks and pitfalls.  With the growth and influence of free software licensing, some have been asserting the General Public License (GPL) violations in litigation to attempt to gain an advantage. Please join us as we explore these issues and discuss strategies to protect your product from litigation and to evaluate whether your new product will be strengthened or weakened by the integration of open source software, and in particular the GPL.

Gain insight into:

  • Reach of the influential free software license GPL;
  • Emerging risk of copyright trolls in open source;
  • Risk of Free Software Foundation sponsored litigation in response to GPL violations;
  • Contours of what constitutes a derivative work employing Linux code in the context of the GPL; and
  • Lessons learned from the Hellwig vs. VMware case.

Guest Speaker:

  • Thomas Schubert - Lead Counsel Software Licensing, Siemens AG


  • Giovanna Fessenden - Of Counsel, Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds
  • Mary Lou Wakimura - Principal, Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds