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Stop IP Theft: Minimizing Risk and Maximizing Value

July 27, 2016

Special Guest Speaker – FBI Special Agent Carmine Nigro

Corporate SecretsIntellectual property (IP) thefts, both domestic and international, cost U.S. companies in excess of a trillion dollars each year.  In addition to lost revenue, IP theft often causes employment issues, damage to your company’s reputation, lost investment in research and development, and delays in production.

Has your company put in place an IP protection program?  What are the reasonable steps your company should take to protect their IP assets from theft?  Are you protecting your research, technical plans, prototypes, proprietary formulas, software source codes, manufacturing plans, and customer data?  Learn about some of the obvious and not so obvious ways company’s IP assets are lost.

The FBI and Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds will inform attendees about -

  • How companies are protecting IP using patents, trade secrets, and other means
  • Examples of IP theft provided by the FBI
  • Best practices to avoid thefts domestically and internationally
  • How to avoid “Trojan Horse” attacks  that can invade your network after returning from foreign travel
  • Litigation to protect your IP through injunctions, seizure, and cessation of IP thefts