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Strategic Focus on Innovation Protection and Rights Enforcement

May 19, 2021

Hosted by: German American Business Council of Boston

The value and long-term success of your business may well hinge on protecting your innovations through patents.  Do you have a plan for securing your innovations through patents?  Do you know the timing requirements for seeking patent protection?  Do you want to strengthen your company’s competitive advantage?

We invite you to join an interactive panel discussion with Susan Glovsky and Alexander Adam, U.S. patent attorneys, Principals at Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds, and Dr. Christof Karl, Attorney-at-Law (Rechtsanwalt) and German and European Patent Attorney, Partner at Bardehle Pagenberg, who have worked together to wrestle with these issues.  The panelists will guide the conversation by providing examples that illustrate strategies used to protect and enforce patent rights.

  •     Identifying your company’s valuable intellectual property
  •     Using patents to protect innovation
  •     Avoiding pitfalls that can forfeit your patent rights
  •     Determining the best timing to protect your innovation
  •     Enforcing patent rights in the U.S. and German

  • Susan GlovskyU.S. patent attorney, Principal at Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds
  • Alexander AdamU.S. patent attorney, Principal at Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds
  • Dr. Christof KarlAttorney-at-Law (Rechtsanwalt), German & European Patent Attorney, Partner at Bardehle Pagenberg