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Technology Commercialization Teaming Event

December 4, 2023
4:00 - 7:30 PM

UMass Lowell Innovation Hub
110 Canal Street
Lowell, MA 01852

Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds was a proud sponsor of the UMass Lowell and HEROES event on "Technology Commercialization Teaming Event." President and Principal, Mark Solomon was also a panelist. 

Discover, Learn, Network with Top Tier Professors, Students and Business Leaders from UMass Lowell and the local ecosystem. Expect an evening of lively discussion with Founders, Funders, Technologists, Customers and Support Systems of some of the most promising startups in the Commonwealth.

Exciting Presentations from both Established and Aspiring Startups on Technologies such as:

  • Sensors for Detection of Toxins in Water
  • Greener Advanced Multifunctional Textiles
  • Textile Integrated Sensor
  • Optical Fiber-based Distributed Sensors for Humidity and Temperature Monitoring
  • Reinforced Filaments for Additive Manufacturing
  • Novel Artificial Intelligence Based Discovery Platform focused on Agri-Food Industries

Other Technologies on the Horizon:

  • Power Harvesting Textile and Storage Systems
  • Portable Stand-Off Chemical Sensing for UAV
  • Development and Testing of Optimal Helmet Padding Concepts and Printed Sensors on Helmet