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WEBCAST RECORDING: Strategies to Reap the Benefits of Software Patents in an Open Source Software Environment

March 29, 2018

This webcast discussed the effective and practical strategies used by companies to reap the benefits of software patents in an open source software environment.  Interestingly, as open source compliance litigation grows, software companies have increasingly turned to software patents and open source software licensing strategies for their patented technology.  The motivations for turning to open source software licensing strategies are numerous, but one overarching goal (beyond the contribution to the open source community) is to try to increase market share by using open source licensing to position the open source licensed technology as an industry standard.  In this webcast, we will explore some licensing strategies (e.g. proprietary and open source) that companies being used to better protect the value of their IP innovations.

Patents are being used in innovative ways to complement  open source software.  Open source software experts and patent attorneys, Mary Lou Wakimura and Giovanna Fessenden, covered:

  • How to maximize the value of your patents software innovations using open source licensing.
  • How to a build strong open source software patent portfolio.
  • How to avoid granting implied patent licenses while licensing your software as open source.