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Article About Giovanna Fessenden Published in Massachusetts Super Lawyers Magazine

October 26, 2020

Giovanna Fessenden, Counsel at Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds and a top rated Intellectual Property Attorney by Super Lawyers®, is interviewed in the digital release of the 2020 Massachusetts Super Lawyers Magazine. She talks about her “family history of inventions and her talent for protecting a new wave of technology.”

Below is an excerpt from the article. Click here to read Giovanna’s full article which begins on page 6 of the magazine.


“Technology innovations are part of Fessenden’s DNA. Her great-grandfather George R. Fessenden Jr., a botanist and conservationist, developed and patented a process of preserving animal and plant specimens in clear plastic, which was quickly adopted by the Department of Agriculture.”

The article continues, “Once she began working with electrical engineers and scientists, she discovered she had another tech savvy relative: Reginald Fessenden. "I used to get a lot of ‘Are you related to Reginald Fessenden?’ He’s the inventor of the radio—as we use it today," she says.”

Giovanna related, “Her latest brush with innovation came in 2018, when Fessenden got involved in esports through her brother, Jace Hall, who has served as CEO of several gaming enterprises, including Echo Fox, and co-chaired the H1Z1 Pro League. After attending several tournaments, she was hooked. "I became even more immersed in the esports community, and passionate about the emerging esports revolution," she says. "I also developed several long-term client relationships with esports companies."