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Meet Our New Team of Ph.D.'s. Our Team of Experts is Growing. See our recently hired team of Ph.D.'s.


Kelly Brewer, Ph.D.

Patent Agent
t. 978.202.3446
Email Dr. Brewer

Kelly earned her Ph.D. in Biomedical Science with a concentration in Genetics and Developmental Biology from the University of Connecticut.




Marc McGuigan, Ph.D.

Patent Agent
t. 617.607.5950
Email Dr. McGuigan

Marc earned his Ph.D. in Physics from Boston University. His graduate work focused on high-resolution imaging and involved optics, electronics, and electrochemical etching.

Robert J. Potenzino,

Technology Specialist
t. 978.202.3445
Email Dr. Potenzino

Rob earned his Ph.D. in Bioorganic Chemistry from the University of Rochester where he focused on leveraging P450 enzymes to modify various natural products and drug molecules.


Shabnam Sharifzadeh, 

Patent Agent
t. 617.607.5916
Email Dr. Sharifzadeh

Shabnam earned her Ph.D. in Chemical Biology from the University of Minnesota where she developed chemical biology tools to study microbial systems. 




Rae Zhang, Ph.D.

Patent Agent
t. 617.607.5914
Email Dr. Zhang

Rae earned her Ph.D. in Chemistry from Duke University where she conducted research in bioinorganic chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics, computational chemistry, organic chemistry, and materials science.