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EVENT RECORDING: Artificial Intelligence in Medicine – Promise Becoming Practice

January 19, 2022

Click here to watch the full recording of the event.


Artificial Intelligence as a concept can be traced to ancient times and arose within many cultures. With the advent of powerful computers, sophisticated software, and major advances in engineering, it is now rapidly changing healthcare and many other industries. A recent market study found the Global AI Market Size was $62B in 2020 and predicts 40% annual expansion into 2028.

In this forum, you will hear from accomplished professionals within the healthcare industry who are creating AI solutions to advance healthcare. They will share the challenges they have faced in developing and commercializing technologies as well as tools, approaches, and best practices found to be the most effective in improving healthcare outcomes.

Who should attend:

  • Clinicians who provide patient diagnosis and treatment
  • Patients who want to learn about AI solutions for early detection of cancer
  • Product developers who will incorporate current and future AI technology in new medical devices
  • Senior management who want to keep their next product line on the leading edge of AI technology.




Monica Jang, CLP
Sr. Licensing Manager, Technology & Innovation

Development Office (TIDO), Boston Children’s HospitalMonica is responsible for IP management, including the Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator. At MIT, she was a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Liaison for IP licensing.

Topic: Drawing on her experience in technology licensing at BCH and MIT, Monica will address academic pain points in AI related research and commercialization.

Enrique Hernández
CEO and Engineer,

Enrique is a Mexican bionic engineer and entrepreneur. As an exchange student in Belgium, he was a finalist of the SLUSH GIA program in Finland. He is a member of the UK’s Royal Academy of Engineering Leaders In Innovation Fellowship.

Topic: Enrique will describe Thermy’s mission to reduce the number of deaths due to late breast cancer detection.

Jorge Juárez
Engineer and Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence Expert,

Jorge is a bionic engineer certified by Stanford University on the design and implementation of deep neural network architectures that he uses to identify patterns of diseases in thermal images.

Topic: Jorge will describe the AI project at Thermy and their current efforts to utilize AI for thermal image analysis in breast cancer diagnosis.

Michael G Frank
Digital Ventures Lead,Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Office of Technology Development

Michael is a member of the Digital Health team in OTD’s Technology Management and Commercialization group. He spent many years in life sciences and digital venture roles in the biopharmaceutical and management consulting industries.

Topic: Based on his experience at Pfizer and MSK, Michael will speak to challenges faced in developing and commercializing AI solutions to advance healthcare. 

Moderator and Event Champion

Alexander Adam, Ph.D.
Principal, Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds

Alex is a scientist turned patent attorney who drafts and prosecutes patent applications in the fields of artificial intelligence, medical devices, biotechnology, life sciences, computer systems, and many others. He has represented small and medium businesses, universities, and start-ups, learning their business goals and strengthening their positions by developing strong intellectual property strategies.