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WEBCAST RECORDING: Protecting Your Brewery’s Brands with Trademarks

April 27, 2018

Breweries are among the many industries that are dependent upon trademarks to protect the consumer goodwill that supports them.  As with any intellectual property relating to a company’s products, the best protection for your trademarks is obtained by registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  The leverage afforded by registration is improved by informed selection of each trademark, and by understanding various tactics and strategies that can be employed in the course of applying for registration.

This webcast reviewed how breweries have protected their brands, and the consequences of failing to do so.  Speakers discussed the factors associated with properly selecting strong trademarks, and the advantages of different types of registration provided by the USPTO.   They also explained tactics for obtaining the broadest possible protection, as well as best-practices for maintaining the strength of your trademarks once registered.





Webcast attendees will learn:

  •   Factors in selecting a strong and defensible trademark
  •   The significance of trademark searching and best strategies
  •   How to register your trademark with the USPTO
  •   Examples of trademark applications for breweries
  •   Proper use of marks to preserve your rights
  •   Use of agreements to resolve disputes
  •   The purpose of trademark notices and how to use them
  •   Types of enforcement actions, when they should be filed, and creative resolution options


Principal, John L. DuPré has practiced primarily in the areas of intellectual property litigation and trademark prosecution.  He has extensive experience with trademark work for breweries, restaurants and retail stores for major brand names. 

Patrick Quinlan is a registered patent attorney with 12 years of experience in trademark and patent law.  Patrick has worked with many breweries and restaurants to help them secure their brands through trademark registrations.