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New England Section of Optica Event on Reflections on Starting and Running a Photonics Company

March 21, 2024
6:00 - 8:00 PM

Hybrid and at
55 Old Bedford Road
Lincoln, MA 01773

Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds will host the New England Section of Optica’s event in our Lincoln office on March 21, 2024.

Event Abstract

Photonic integrated circuits (PICs) promise improvements in size, weight, power, cost, and functionality compared to bulk/discrete optics and photonics for several applications. As part of a national effort to build the domestic integrated photonics ecosystem, in 2019 Dr. Kevin McComber co-founded Spark Photonics Design to provide PIC design services, and Spark Photonics Foundation to engage the next generation of STEM talent. In this talk, Dr. McComber will introduce the field of integrated photonics and the histories and trajectories of these two companies, providing insights into the photonics talent pipeline and marketplace as well as lessons learned in entrepreneurship. This talk is relevant for job seekers as well as those interested in entrepreneurship and the ever-changing landscape of integrated photonics. Recent publications about Spark Photonics Design and Spark Photonics Foundation can be found here: Laser Focus World, MIT News.

Speaker - 
Kevin McComber is the Co-Founder & CEO of Spark Photonics Design, a for-profit integrated photonics design services firm, and Executive Director of the Spark Photonics Foundation, a nonprofit STEM education, workforce development, and outreach organization. Dr. McComber previously worked at MIT in education and workforce initiatives, at Intel as a semiconductor process engineer, and in various business roles in financial services.  He holds BS and PhD degrees from MIT in materials science and engineering.