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WEBCAST RECORDING: Leveraging Patent Audits for Strategic Negotiation

July 13, 2016

Learn how a patent audit will help you evaluate the strength or weakness of a patent or patent portfolio.  The patent audit will guide you in business acquisitions, business investments, and patent litigations.  A patent audit is a third-party, unbiased evaluation of the procedural aspects of the prosecution history.  An audit process can determine weaknesses, such as invalidity or unenforceability, and identify potentially correctable situations.  A patent audit may also confirm the strength of your patent portfolio and give you clarity to maximize your negotiating position and meet your business goals.

The outcome of a patent audit will help:

  • Patent owners avoid unwanted surprises during commercialization, monetization and enforcement
  • Plaintiffs and defendants save litigation budget through pre-litigation evaluation
  • Buyers and sellers assess and improve positions earlier in business negotiations
  • Licensors and licensees be informed of the strength of licensing rights
  • Investors perform a valuation of U.S. and foreign patent assets of target investments and acquisitions