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Successful Commercialization of your Innovation

August 8, 2018

Mark Solomon and Deirdre Sanders presented "Successful Commercialization of your Innovation" on August 8, 2018, at the UConn Technology Incubation Program in Farmington, CT.  Aaron Schwartz, Director of Search & Evaluation Global Drug Discovery from Novo Nordisk and tech transfer experts from UConn also participated in this seminar.  The presentation covered topics to increase your understanding of what industry wants and the patent system requires to position your innovation for successful commercialization.  UConn’s Technology Commercialization Directors described their role in facilitating that success.

Key topics:

  • What timing issues should I consider after I recognize my innovation?
  • What are the first steps I should take to avoid accidental pitfalls?
  • What details should I develop and describe to increase the likelihood of obtaining an enforceable, valid patent?
  • What data should I provide to maximize the commercial value of my innovation?
  • When should I speak to potential partners?
  • How much information should I share with potential partners?
  • What is my time commitment during the licensing process and the patenting process?

The presentation was followed by Q & A and a networking lunch in the Cafe.