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Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds is Proud to be Recognized for the Eighth Straight Year by World Trademark Review (WTR) 1000

February 21, 2018

World Trademark Review (WTR) 1000

John DuPré, a Principal of the firm, is Recognized at the Gold Level for 2018.

For the eighth consecutive year, Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds is proud to be recognized by World Trademark Review (WTR) 1000 - The World's Leading Trademark Professionals.  The firm is recognized in the Silver category, described by WTR as "eminent practices and individuals that also attract extensive feedback and are renowned for their top-end work." 

In addition, John DuPré, a Principal of the firm, has been selected for the gold category for 2018 for trademark prosecution and strategy.  WTR identifies gold level individuals as “those that attract the most positive comments from sources.  We have identified them as the best of the best; their success often hinges on reputations established over lengthy periods of time, something which enables them to secure the most high-profile, big-ticket work from the most prestigious of clients.”

Both John DuPré and Principal Susan Glovsky are individually honored in the Silver category for handling trademark enforcement and litigation matters. 

WTR distinguishes the firm, quoting sources:

“Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds is really efficient and cost effective at all tasks related to trademarks.”  “It offers the utmost level of client care and the highest quality of work.” Moving into the gold tier this year is the “thoughtful and thorough” John DuPré.  “He is a truly safe pair of hands with a wealth of experience in all matters relating to trademarks” and “balances his counsel with practical business concerns.”  “Incredibly bright and constantly the voice of reason, he is a really nice person as well – he is simply amazing.”  One foreign associate asserts: “He is the crème de la crème of US trademark attorneys.”

For heated courtroom conflicts, Susan Glovsky confidently steps in.  “Extremely smart, she does a tremendous job of breaking down complicated problems and explaining high-level concepts in an easily comprehensible manner.”  “She excels at framing issues broadly to highlight problems that may come down the road and has a strong worldly sense of what is happening not just in intellectual property, but in other markets more generally.  She is also awfully responsive and efficient with her time.”

The WTR 1000 list is a prestigious ranking that focuses exclusively on trademark practices and practitioners.  World Trademark Review's recognition of Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds reflects the extensive research conducted by the publication.  Specifically, WTR states that it "conducted telephone interviews and exchanged correspondence over a four-month period with hundreds of lawyers, attorneys and their clients involved with trademarks; we also gathered written submissions from firms detailing their recent activity in the field.  Individuals qualify for inclusion in the WTR 1000 upon receiving sufficient positive feedback from market sources with knowledge of their practice and the market within which they operate."  According to WTR, the listings are "an essential guide in today’s brand-focused economy – as well as highlighting the health of the trademark marketplace.”