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Mary Lou Wakimura Interviewed on IP and Technology Trends for 2023

January 12, 2023

Mary Lou Wakimura was recently interviewed for an article for Managing IP on the legalities of AI-created content, machine learning, the metaverse, NFTs and how clean tech will all take center stage in 2023.

Mary Lou states that she “predicts increased patent activity for machine learning, especially reinforcement learning, which allows AI tools to learn from evidentiary data to achieve improved results.” She adds, “We can expect more innovations in the field of programming computers to think like humans in decision-making processes.”

She also adds that fields such as robotics, autonomous vehicles, drones, machinery control systems, medical diagnostics, and drug design can benefit considerably from AI decision-making and states, “I see considerable innovation in different AI subcategories across these multi-disciplines.” She predicts increased discussions around what can be owned and enforced as an IP right.

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