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Mobile technology is one of today’s fastest-growing areas of innovation.

mobile-technologyHardware advances associated with these devices have resulted in greater processing power and data storage capabilities, which in turn have facilitated voluminous innovations in software and mobile apps.

At Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds, we recognize that mobile technologies are rapidly expanding beyond smartphones, to applications such as wearable devices, Internet of Things (IoT) components (hardware, software and support), and mobile platforms, such as tablets and notebook/netbook computers.

We work closely with our mobile technology clients to acquire IP protection for their innovations. Our attorneys have the technical background and insight necessary to help our clients recognize protectable innovations and to develop meaningful, robust IP protection strategies for those innovations. The lists below itemize a few examples of mobile technology areas in which we can help to secure IP protection.

Mobile Technology Applications

  • Business (point-of-sale transactions [seller, buyer], Internet purchases, online banking)
  • Communication (voice, text, social media, email, Internet access, travel directions)
  • Computing
  • Entertainment (gaming, music, streaming video, ebooks)
  • IoT
  • Mobile apps
  • Remote sensing
  • Travel directions (GPS, cellular-based)
  •  Wearables

Mobile Technology Components

  • Hardware (communication subsystem [Wide Area Network components, Local Area Network components, Personal Area Network components, antennas, Near Field Communication], processor, memory, sensors)
  • Security (hardware and software)
  • Software/firmware (mobile apps, software/firmware, mobile operating systems)
  • User interfaces (hardware [displays, wearable components], software/firmware)

Mobile Technology Collateral Components

  • Centralized storage
  • Infrastructure
  • Sensors/transducers

Our attorneys practicing in these fields have experience in the mobile technology industry and understand the constantly changing complexity of these inventions. They have experience in mobile-related technologies such as social networks and associated operations, software, wireless communications, speech recognition, GPS systems, video applications, and image processing.  Our educational and work backgrounds enable us to effectively communicate with our clients to understand their goals, so that we can obtain effective long-term global protection for them.