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WEBCAST RECORDING: Blockchain Innovations are Changing the Digital World

March 30, 2016

Are you ready for this distributed consensus technology?

The success of the digital currency Bitcoin is due in large part to its underlying architecture, the block chain.  The block chain is distributed-ledger technology that enables payments and other transactions to be processed and stored in an entirely decentralized way - without banks or other intermediaries.  The block chain's distributed-ledger helps keep it resistant to tampering and revision.  This distributed architecture helps eliminate the chances of having a single point of failure and makes it more robust against hacking.

Our panel will discuss the technical opportunities and what the future may hold for block chain technology.

Listen to our webcast to learn:

  • What is the block chain and how does it work?
  • How the block chain may change the way we evidence intellectual property ownership.
  • New integrations of block chain technology.
  • Security implications of the block chain.
  • What patent protection can be afforded to block chain innovations?
  • The future of block chain technology.