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Strategies for Protecting Your Company through Patents and Trademarks

September 29, 2015

Learn our top strategies for strengthening your company's competitive advantage through patents and trademarks.  The value of your business and its long-term success may well hinge on protecting your innovations and brands.  Do you have a plan for securing your innovations through patents?  Are your product and service brand names enforceable through trademarks?  Do you know the timing requirements for patent and trademark protection?  Are you protecting your trade secrets?  Have you reduced the risk of other companies copying your innovations without your permission?

Join us to learn: 

  • What forms of intellectual property can build assets?
  • How do you document your idea?
  • How do you determine ownership?
  • How do you know when and where to file?
  • How do you claim your invention?
  • How do you use an issued patent?
  • How to choose between patents and trade secrets?
  • How do you avoid competitors' patents and trademarks?
  • Examples of patent and trademark successes

Deirdre Sanders and Mark Solomon are Principals with the firm and have over 35 years of combined experience in strategic patent and trademark counseling in the life sciences and electrical arts, respectively.  They are dedicated to guiding clients through the development, management, and protection of intellectual property rights to achieve business goals.