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Protection for copyrights in works of authorship and artistic expression can be critical to the success of a company.

Our copyright services include:

  • U.S. Federal copyright registrations
  • Analysis of available international protection for copyrights
  • Opinions on infringement and freedom-to-use
  • Work-for-hire and employment rights agreements
  • Copyright use and licensing agreements
  • Publishing agreements
  • Litigation in pursuing copyright infringers or in defending against claims of infringement
  • Pursuit of copyright violations occurring on websites and “take-down” of the infringing materials on websites

We have assisted companies in protecting their copyrights in a wide variety of works, including:

  • Software
  • Electronic databases
  • Mobile apps, computer games, websites, and user interfaces
  • Print and online publications
  • Technical materials, instructional materials, product sheets and drawings, illustrations, and architectural plans
  • Ornamental three-dimensional product configurations
  • Works of art, music, and sound recordings

As part of our proactive strategy in protecting clients’ copyright interest, our attorneys can conduct an audit to ensure that your company’s rights are properly protected and assist you in putting procedures in place to protect your company’s rights in the future.

Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds attorneys have obtained a multitude of copyright registrations for our clients in areas such as computer software, internet web pages, architectural plans, illustrations, sculptures, books, sound and music recordings, products sheets and drawings, and ornamental three-dimensional product configurations.

Our litigation experience includes:

  • Represented a publishing company in Federal Court in a copyright infringement and computer fraud and abuse action against a competing company, and successfully obtained an injunction.
  • Represented a major digital marketing client in a copyright dispute relating to a marketing information document.  We prepared and sent a cease-and-desist letter resulting in the infringer ceasing all infringing activity without the expense of a lawsuit.
  • Represented a developer to enforce copyright in architectural plans against an architectural firm and real estate developer. We successfully resolved the matter with each of the defendants prior to trial, resulting in a recovery for our client based on the defendants’ profits from the sale of infringing units.
  • Represented a client in an online trademark and copyright infringement action relating to collectible sculptural works. We secured a successful result with the infringers’ ceasing infringing activities on the eBay® website by use of the “take down” procedures.