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We value diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) in all its forms, and we are committed to a workplace where all employees can excel and pursue a rewarding career in intellectual property law.


We seek to hire candidates from diverse backgrounds for all positions. We recruit from schools known for diverse student populations, and we seek opportunities to sponsor mentorship programs for diverse student organizations.

We are also active with the Boston Patent Law Association’s Committee on Diversity, the MIT Enterprise Forum startup program for Black Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC), the Asian-American Lawyers Association of Massachusetts (AALAM), and the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA).

We give focused presentations on careers in intellectual property law to science and technology students to encourage those who might not have previously considered such a career as a viable option.

Employee Retention and Engagement

Every new legal staff member hired is assigned a peer mentor as well as a Principal mentor. Mentors serve to guide the new hire, to answer questions about the work we do, and to give advice on strategies for success.

New legal staff members are encouraged to work with many different senior attorneys to learn different styles and be exposed to many different clients, sciences, and technologies.

We have a detailed career path advisory program for all legal staff. This program encompasses a legal professional’s progression through stages of career development, from entry-level to Principal, and each member of the legal staff is assigned to a peer group with two Principal Career Path Advisors during any given year.

We are committed to the professional growth and advancement of our employees and thus have a formal annual performance evaluation process that begins with a self-report from each employee. Two Principals conduct the performance review with each member of the legal staff. All support staff receive an annual performance review that incorporates input from attorneys as well as other personnel who have worked with the employee. Feedback received from employees during this process guides decisions we make.

Legal Staff members who join the firm as either a Technology Specialist or Patent Agent may apply for law school tuition reimbursement, subject to the parameters and qualifications in the firm’s policy.

We recognize the need for flexibility for our employees to balance personal and professional demands, and we quickly pivoted to a fully-remote workforce during the COVID-19 shutdown. We have a post-pandemic work policy that allows employees to continue to work remotely. We also have generous paid time off policies.

We hold training sessions on the Elimination of Bias and on the Prevention of Sexual Harassment for all employees.

Beyond Our Doors

Just as we are queried by our clients on our diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging metrics, we also query the many vendors we use. When possible, we engage with vendors and service providers with strong DEIB values.

We support several organizations that serve under-represented populations, such as the Greater Boston Food Bank and Greater Boston Legal Services.