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Compensation Summary

The Firm's goal is to maintain a compensation structure that is competitive and equitable.  In order to attract and maintain the best people, we strive to recognize the value of an individual’s background and experience and reward the individual for his or her contribution to the Firm’s ongoing success.

Step Structure

The Firm has established a salary structure for its Associates that is competitive with other major law firms in the Boston area.  The salary structure is based on annual “steps”.  An Associate who joins the Firm early in the calendar year and meets performance and training expectations will move to the next step at the end of that calendar year.  Associates joining later in the calendar year will likely move to the next step after completing the next calendar year.  Salaries for technology specialists and part-time law students are pro-rated against the Associate step structure.

Bonus Structure

Individual contributions are recognized through the Firm’s bonus program.  Set dollar amounts are established depending on an individual’s step level and number of hours billed. Bonuses can be earned and paid each quarter for achieving specific short term goals. Annual bonuses can be earned and paid at year end for meeting annual milestones.

Consideration for Principal

Associates are considered for Principal when they demonstrate legal expertise in intellectual property law including quality of work, depth of knowledge and breadth of experience.  Associates must also possess the personal characteristics of honesty, integrity, leadership and the ability to cooperate and work and perform as a team member.  Valuable contributions to the Firm in the areas of mentoring and training of new Associates, business development and involvement in professional and community organizations are also important factors.