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Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds has a strong commitment to the training and professional development and growth of our support staff.

Introduction to the Firm

Upon arrival, new support staff is provided with an in-depth orientation to Firm benefits and policies. All new employees are provided with a hands-on training to relevant computer systems and software.


Training takes many forms at Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds. During the first two weeks of employment, legal assistants are provided with daily in-depth training in patent prosecution, Firm practice, procedures and forms as well as computer and software training. Following the initial two-week period, further training includes docketing, library services, international filing, and quality review. Computer and software training is provided to new employees in all departments.

We acknowledge that patent prosecution is complex and requires ongoing training and updating of skills. To that end, our trainers in both patent prosecution and computer software identify and provide one-on-one and small group training for newer legal assistants.

Professional Growth and Development and Opportunities for Advancement

As an employee grows and succeeds in their current position, opportunities to move into other positions which are more challenging within the Firm may become open. We encourage employee referrals and endeavor to promote from within whenever possible.